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Party Favors March 24, 2009

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I have been busy since E’s party. I had so much fun making the goodies for her party that I just kept going!

These are what I call Party Blooms, and they are layers and layers of crepe paper with treasures and trinkets, mylar confetti, and a fortune. There is a little bottle of bubbles in the center.

All are handmade by me, and they are finished with a crepe-paper and vintage sheet music bloom embellished with German glass glitter and funky beads.

I have made them in quantities for parties, but I have also sold them individually for unique little hostess gifts and other thoughtful presents.

There are different themes, such as bridal and baby, as well as some for any fun occasion. There is a piece of the mylar confetti that shows where to begin unwrapping. I am happy to make any specific colors, themes, amounts, etc.

Here is an image of some of the goodies you may find in the Party Blooms.


Beat The Winter Blues With A Fairy Party January 23, 2009

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My daughter is turning 5 next weekend, and it’s her first girls-only birthday party. We decided to make it really girly and have it here at the house. I know the thing these days is to have birthday parties somewhere else, with built-in entertainment. I remember having birthday parties at home when I was young, and I think it’s so cozy. Nothing against party places of course, as we’ve utilized those things, from Build A Bear to Pump It Up.
Close-up of fairy crown.

My son had lots of at-home parties, but his birthday is in June, where we can do our best to keep
all the kids outside. It’s a bit more challenging in a Michigan January!

Another close-up of fairy crown.
Anyway, it started as a tea-party and has morphed into a fairy theme. Being me, not one to keep things easy for myself, I decided that I could make the tutus and wings myself. I also added fairy crowns to the to-do list.

Detail on tutu.
Here are pics of the tutu and crown I made for my E. I will post pics of the wings when I finish them.

Spread-out tutu of tulle, ribbon, velvet leaves, & faux floral beauties.
Of course E gets the fanciest, so the ones for the other little fairies will not be quite so labor intensive. Besides, now I sort of know what I am doing!

Close-up of an invitation.
I made the invites on Photoshop, which I wrapped around pretty faux flowers and secured with a lenth of hot-pink tulle.

OK, gotta go, I have a lot of wings to make in the next week! Enjoy the photos.


Ears Don’t Fail Me Now July 17, 2008

I have been having a hard time keeping up lately, and I would like to explain why. I started this blog for my business, and I have been trying to keep it from being too personal. That has been difficult. I don’t want it to be about me and my life but about my art, but I suppose there’s no way of drawing a line between the two. I also didn’t want it to be boring!

The past couple of months have been really challenging for me, so I have had a hard time keeping up with my on-line life. I tripped and fell the first week of June (days before the Castle in the Meadow ZNE event) on a step in my house and cracked a rib. I was taking strong painkillers that just made me sleepy, plus I couldn’t move (or breathe) too easily, so creating and marathon training were off the table for a while, except for the Castle in the Meadow, of course. Then, once I felt somewhat mobile once again, I woke-up three weeks later with most of my hearing gone in my left ear.

I didn’t worry too much about it until that evening, when I learned that it is considered a medical emergency. Off to the emergency room again. They couldn’t see anything that was causing it, so an appointment with an ENT was made for 3 days later. 2 days later I was back in the ER with a stunning headache and vertigo. They said it was not related to my ear, so more painkillers and anti-vertigo meds.

The next day I had a hearing test and then saw the ENT. I had lost all low-tone hearing in my left ear, which means no speech recognition. I could still hear high-pitched sounds, which included running water and my shrieking 4 year-old. It was so strange. You don’t think about how sounds are combinations of lots of different tones until you can only hear the piercing ones! Anyway, the ENT couldn’t find anything either, so she gave me steroids and a vasodialator and set me up with an MRI 2 weeks later.

We had planned a trip up to my parents’ fabulous lake house for the Fourth of July, so my brother (who was visiting us during all this and definately helped save my sanity by helping with the kids, etc) drove me and the munchkins up so I could stumble around (trying not to fall on my ribs again) and try to sleep through the piles of pills I was taking. Let me tell you, I HATE to rely on others and play invalid, but I was really grateful to be able to sleep and rest so much. In the meantime, I learned that it can be a great benefit in a Victorian cottage with little noise insulation to be able to sleep on one side and not hear a sound! I also remembered some subtler hearing/balance problems I’d been having even before I fell, I just didn’t put it together right away. We figure that that is what caused my fall in the first place.

OK, so I had the MRI last Thursday, and I was desperately hoping that the results would be available quickly, as my hubby and I were leaving early Sat with another couple to surprise a high school friend for her 40th in DC. The ENT suspected a growth/lesion/tumor, so of course I wanted to know ASAP if brain surgery would be in my future! Luckily, early Fri a.m. she called with the news that the MRI was all clear. I did ask for a copy of some of the images after the MRI, so I wasn’t surprised, as I knew what she was looking for looked like.

Tuesday I had another hearing test scheduled, and a follow-up with the ENT the next day. The hearing test was administered by another wonderful Audiologist who spent a lot of time explaining everything to me about the first test and then this one, as I had been too overwhelmed the first time to even ask questions. It was the same tests as previously, and before I was finished I was fighting tears and panic, as it seemed to me to even worse to me. The audiologist was on the other side of a tinted window, and I saw her leave the room and then return with a man and show him the results.

She came back in the room and said that the tests showed a sharp decline from 3 weeks previously and the head of Neurotologic division wanted me to stick around they’d squeeze me in instead of coming back the next day. Of course I was sobbing at this point. I realize that losing hearing in one ear is not the worst thing that can happen to me, but any change like that is a shock. Plus, of course it freaked me out also that this doctor wanted to see me immediately.

It really was almost immediately, and the nurse, Physician’s Assistant and Doctor couldn’t have been nicer, more patient, and explained everything to me and answered all the questions I could come-up with at the time. They believe that it is mostly caused by a virus or an autoimmune disease. The chances of recovering my hearing in the left ear aren’t great, but I was sent home with a form for lots of lab work and another prescription for a course of steroids- much longer and much stronger than previously.

I had the blood drawn yesterday morning and started the steroids, and I have been a bundle of energy since. Nervous energy, not giddy energy, but at least I can try to begin catching-up from the beginning of June. I figured I might not need Benedryl to sleep on the first night, but I should have taken it. At 1:00 this morning I had a panic attack about the possibility of losing the hearing in my right ear, too. The tests show it pretty much in the normal range, but there was a small decrease in that ear, too. I didn’t want to wake my husband up to watch me cry and try not to hyperventilate, so I went in the guest room and tried to read and calm down. I finally fell asleep and was back up 4 hours later.

So, here I am. I am a bit uncomfortable sharing all this as I don’t want to sound like a whiner. I am just really distracted and overwhelmed. I am off to take my morning prednisone and use the energy it gives me to clean my studio and try to get back into the creative groove after more than 6 weeks off. Hopefully I have some things to photograph and show.

The above picture is of a bathroom cabinet that my mom and I altered a number of years ago. I can’t take much credit, as it was all her idea and I just did some of the painting of the cabinet. It is in my parents’ summer house. It really just occurred to me during this last visit that it was a piece of altered art.

Thanks for “listening” and have a great day.


Find Me At Found May 12, 2008

For those of you who are lucky enough to live in or near Ann Arbor, Michigan, you HAVE to visit Found Gallery in Kerrytown. You will go nuts! Mary has a really charming shop that has original altered art, unique home accents, and lots of vintage treasures to make your own creations. She also has fun events at the shop, including workshops and trunk shows.

Sally Jean herself will be teaching workshops at Found on July 20-23. Sign-up soon, as spaces fill quickly! I myself am counting the days until the Soldering for Virgins class. I learned soldering when I attempted stained-glass, but I am far from good at it. I would love to attempt a tiara like Sally Jean does, but I believe that I will need far more than just that one class!
I am lucky enough to have my designs in this fabulous shop, including my cake toppers and one-of-a-kind bobbi pins and one-of-a-kind magnets. You can also shop at Found on-line, which is where you can register for the Sally Jean workshops as well.

Party Blooms May 9, 2008

I happened to see some fun party goodies that I thought I’d try for myself. They are usually called Surprise Balls, but no one I have talked to thinks that is a good name at all, so I decided to give mine their own name. So, I call these my Party Blooms, as they are a bit flowerish.
These Party Blooms are made of yards and yards of crepe paper in different colors, and you and your party guests can unravel the crepe paper and discover confetti, little plastic vintage charms, and a hand-stamped fortune as you go, as well as a little bottle of bubbles in the center.
I finished them off with a rosette on the top made with more crepe paper, vintage sheet music, old plastic beads, and Vintage German Glass Glitter. Wouldn’t these look great on your table at each place, or even in a cupcake tower in the center of the meal? Everyone loves a little souvenier of a fun fete.

Don’t forget, you can find little plastic vintage charms and Vintage German Glass Glitter in my shop, as well as other little goodies.


Wire Mannequins and More March 18, 2008

11 inch dress forms
There is just something so appealing about these wire forms! They are nice and lightweight, yet very sturdy. I was reading last night about upcoming submission requests for Stampington Magazines such as Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire, and one or more of these could be used for any of them. They are easily altered and added to, and the possibilities are endless! I just stocked them in my store in the “Alter Me” section.

If you use any of the wire forms that you buy from me (or anything else for that matter) and credit PinkyLouLou when you get published (think positive!) I will send you a nice little thank you bag of goodies.

13 inch wire dresses
You know, I have been working so hard on my new store- photographing, listing, organizing, etc, that I haven’t actually made anything in what feels like weeks… My challenge to myself is to get back to my happily messy table and create. I mentioned Somerset and the other mags because I bought a huge whiteboard yesterday and wrote down a bunch of calls for submissions to them and others, up there in big letters, to give me a starting point. I also haven’t done ANY inchies yet, and that’s a big thing right now.

OK, I have a plan, now I just need some sleep…. 🙂 Happy Creating!

5 inch wire mesh birds

Small wire mesh flower wraps

6 inch wire mesh dress forms

Very large wire mesh bird cage (entire back opens!)

Large wire mesh flower wrap