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Wow, I’m embarressed at the long silence… December 29, 2007

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I cannot believe that you haven’t heard from me since September…
Most of the problem was a heel fracture from June that didn’t heal, so back on crutches I went, so I didn’t feel like doing much that I didnt’ have to do. I had a couple of art fairs/events that were crazy busy (luckily had help from a good friend), and orders kept me busy until the last minute before Christmas.
One of my New Year’s goals is to regularly post here with on-going projects and new fun products.

I am actually changing the name from MLou Is Pink to Pinky LouLou, so after my new web-store is up and running the name of this blog will be Pinky LouLou, as will my web-store. I am using DIYestores to build my store, and I really like their set-up. The biggest hold-up is taking pictures of all of the wonderful vintage treasures I’ve found for creating altered art and altered books. I think those will be listed first, then I’ll list the books, etc, that I’ve made to sell. Lots to do, gotta clean that studio first! I have only been off of crutches for a few weeks, so I’m still catching-up on my life.

I am very excited about pop-up books, and that’s a direction that I’ve meant to go in for a while. I have recovered from the holidays and my heel, and it’s time to get organized to start 2008 well. I have some great resources on making pop-up books, and I’ve had fun playing. I made my first p-u book for my friend Audrey who helped my with a huge event while I was using a walker for my heel, and while it’s not technically difficult, I am so happy about how it turned out. Unfortunately, the pictures aren’t the best, because while I got an amazing SLR for my birthday, it was only a couple days later that I took the pics, and I hadn’t experimented enough. You’ll get the general idea, and I’ll just have to make more and take better pictures.
Have a fabulous and fun New Year’s, and happy altering!


One Response to “Wow, I’m embarressed at the long silence…”

  1. Torann Says:

    wow these are fab love them! 🙂

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